Wide range of functionality:

Better servicing needs, industry specific solutions

Complete process integration and a unified system:
Numerous modules – a complete system, high transparency, streamlined and simple processes,
faster information, consistent data and high process stability
User-friendly, ergonomic interface:

High usability through intuitive operation


Platform independence and multi-platform capability:
Vendor-independent, freedom to choose from different databases and operating systems,
high independence and investment security, reduced IT costs
Scalable, multi-client, multi-language,web capability and mobile applications:

Worldwide business, easy integration of affiliated companies,
partners, customers, suppliers, full access and utilization over web and mobile devices


TROIA, an open-source, object-oriented development environment:
High flexibility through quick, self-made adjustments
Easily updated:
Upgrade-proof modifications, reduced release upgrades costs
Open system architecture:
Easy integration with third-party systems, ability to access all data fields within the caniasERP interface
BI and pivot features:

Built-in fast, simple and smart analyses


Satisfied customers:
”Through the introduction of caniasERP, we have achieved an increase in productivity of about 40%.
That is an outstanding result for us!” (Customer testimonial)


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